NAQSHA.NET is the GIS portal through which we provide highly accurate routable and searchable digital road maps of Pakistan. uses large dataset of spatial information covering almost entire Pakistan. We have more than 200,000 Km's of road network and more than 300,000 Points of Interest. uses state of the art search engine and routing engine to provide map searching and routing capabilities which is specifically designed to meet local needs. More..

Dispatch System

Ambulance dispatch system is a computer aided dispatch system used to provide quick and efficient medical assistance to emergency requests. Itís an integrated solution that provides navigation and quick medical response. Dispatch system is designed to meet performance critical measures such as quick response time, efficient dispatch mechanism, low latency, and less communication overhead. This system has two ends i.e. web application and device application. More..

Mobile Applications

Data Solutions Private Limited has developed several location based apps for Android and Windows Phone (7.5 and 8.0) platforms. Store locators provide quick and easy access to Banks, ATMís, Telco franchises, restaurants and famous food chains. All these apps use exclusive dataset of DSPL to provide accurate and comprehensive information. More..

Vehicle Tracking System

Data Solutions Private Limited provides navigation services to one of the major vehicle manufacturer in the country. Tracking system is another step towards success. Tracking System provides vehicle tracking and monitoring, different kinds of reports i.e. activity report, geo-fence in/out report, speed violation report, and complete user management More..

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